The Most Intelligent Celebrities


The Most Intelligent Celebrities

While the wacky and dumb celebrities often grab all of the shocking headlines, the truth is that there are plenty of big-name celebs who are smart, smart and very smart.

Considering that at least on some level celebrities are shaping our culture and thought, it’s reassuring to know that we’ve got some real thinkers on the red carpet.


1. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is most likely more intelligent than anyone I’ve ever met, well, besides myself at least.

This slender Star Wars and Black Swan star has a bachelor’s from Harvard, speaks at least half a dozen languages, and passed graduate-level classes at Jerusalem‘s Hebrew University.


2. Dolph Lundgren

Sporting a 160 IQ, Dolph Lundgren’s brain is just as strong as his biceps. This 90’s action star speaks five languages and studied at MIT on a Fullbright scholarship.


3. Lisa Kudrow

Dumb blonde Lisa Kudrow was a medical researcher for nearly ten years before she landed a prime spot on Friends.


4. Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien is not just the best looking ginger on TV, he’s also the most intelligent. The late night TV host graduated magna cum laude from Harvard where he studied literature and history.

1015. Dexter Holland

Dexter Holland, the Offspring’s lead, does more than write sing-along pop punk singles; the dude also sports a masters in molecular biology from USC.


6. Ben Stein

“Bueller? Bueller? Buelller?” Ben Stein, the king of droll, is a Yale Law School alumnus who is respected economist, newspaper columnist and talking head on TV.


7. Ashton Kutcher

Though he made it big playing dumb on That 70’s Show and then goofy on Punk’d, the dreamy Ashton Kutcher has the smarts. Before becoming a model at 19, the Kutch-man had thought he’d be an engineer.

Rumor is that he had scholarship offers from both Purdue and MIT.


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